Thankful Thursday

I’m taking a series of posts I shared on my personal blog on Thanksgiving of last year and continuing the theme over here. Because…well…we really shouldn’t limit our thanksgiving to one day.

And so begins Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful for the creativity and generosity of church leaders like those at They spearheaded YouVersion, an online Bible community that encourages us to dig deeper in God’s Word and to engage with other believers. Input from this faith community that spans the globe certainly helps me look at the living and active Word of God through lenses that aren’t always tinted with my own faith tradition. It has stretched me. And its accessibility is certainly one of its strengths.

YouVersion Reading Plans

Oh, by the way, if you do use YouVersion, you can find me here. I’m currently reading through the Psalms in 31 days. Feel free to join me!

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