ALL I need?

As mentioned previously, I’m opening the new year with a 31 (or so) day journey through the Psalms. One verse in particular from yesterday’s reading stuck out in my mind. In fact, it’s still stuck there. I’ve been chewing on it and chewing on it and I haven’t been able to digest it yet. It’s a fairly straightforward verse and I know I’ve read it over and over before. But it’s been stuck in my craw, so to speak.

“No, the Lord is all I need.
He takes care of me.”
Psalm 16:5

I look at a picture of my wife. Is the Lord really all I need?

I look at my three beautiful children. Is He really all I need?

I open my wallet and count the money I received as a Christmas present. Do I really believe that He takes care of me?

Where do I find my main identity? Is it in being a family man? Is it in being known as my kids’ Dad? Is it in being a conspicuous family because our family doesn’t all look the same? Is it in my role as a pastor? Or baseball coach?

All of those are great things. But am I allowing myself to find my meaning in those identities?

What if all of that was taken away from me in an instant through some unexpected tragedy? Would I find myself saying that I still had all I need? What am I clinging onto that is serving as my idol?

What if I sensed God was calling me to leave all of my comforts and stability, pack up my family, and move to a place that is hostile towards Christ and His followers for the sake of His kingdom? Would I do it? Or would I keep holding on to everything else I think I need.

What if I knew that Jesus was telling me to sell everything I owned and give it to the poor? While I don’t exactly own tons of riches, it’s certainly more than enough. Would I be willing to get rid of everything if I knew it was keeping me from following Him wherever He may lead?

I just don’t know.

What am I holding onto. What are you holding onto?

Do we really believe the psalmist here? Is He really all we need?

Do you struggle with this? What idols have you been clinging to?

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