God of the Impossible

Hellow from Liberia!

Hello from Liberia!

Late last year, our church partnered with Harvest Christian Fellowship and joined the Amazing 80 team. In February, a group from several churches, including Harvest and Suncrest Christian Church, arrived in Monrovia, Liberia, to help install a clean water system, run a medical clinic, and host a Vacation Bible School for the area children.

God worked in amazing and even impossible ways during their time in Liberia. On Sunday morning, June 28, Dave Rawls and other members from the missions team shared some of the stories from their experience in Liberia. After hearing about their experience, I think we can certainly agree that we worship the God of the Impossible (click here to listen to the sermon).

Plans are already underway to return in 2011. I’m praying that we will be able to send several from Cowan Christian Church with this missions team. It’s another way we can show God’s love in a real way and begin to change the world from right here in Cowan, Indiana.

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