Be Ready

I spent this Memorial Day weekend in an empty house. Christy and the kids went down to Evansville to spend the weekend with my parents along with my brother and his family. I’m glad they could take this opportunity to be with family. And it was nice to have a little bit of “alone time” at home.

For a while.

By the time Memorial Day came around, I was ready for them to be home. I missed my family. Once I knew they were on the road and heading towards home, I found myself looking out the     window every 20  minutes or so in     anticipation of their arrival. I was certainly excited to see them!

Ever since Jesus returned to heaven after his resurrection, the Church has found herself looking up towards the sky in anticipation of His return to earth. And every generation looks for signs that He is coming soon. This leads people to ask the question, “Are we really living in the final days?”

Beginning June 14, we will be digging into Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians, which discuss that very question. I hope you’ll join us on Sundays as we are encouraged and challenged to look towards the heavens, just as I looked out the window for Christy’s return. And in our anticipation of His return, we’ll     discover how we should be living today and we’ll also be  challenged to Be Ready.

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