Hurricane Aftermath

Back in April, I highlighted the efforts of the Hands & Feet Project and their hope to raise a generation of lion chasers in a desire to bring about change in the nation of Haiti.

Hurricane Gustav is setting its sights on the U.S. Gulf Coast, but it has already hit the nation of Haiti head-on. Yes, that includes the Hands & Feet children’s village. All of the children are safe, but the facility is in ruins. Here is the latest news I received today…

Yes - that's a truck!

Hey friends…

We need LOTS of prayers and financial support right now. Hurricane Gustav has turned our Children’s Village into a rock quarry. We are trying to get someone to donate a bulldozer or big truck to move rock and build up a retaining wall to prevent this from happening again.
The supplies (food, clothes, diapers, formula etc) have all been destroyed and both houses where the kids lived were flooded and are unlivable right now. All 36 kids and the nannies are living in the main house. Above is a picture of our newly constructed (and now destroyed) depot, garage, supply house and apartment. Note the red in the middle… it is a large (dually) truck that is now buried in tons of rock that has poured down from the mountainside onto our property. Just to give you an idea of the massive job ahead of us…

To read more about how you can get involved, please visit our website at or simply follow THIS LINK to donate online.

EVERY DOLLAR MAKES A DIFFERENCE! We need your help NOW… Haiti needs our help.

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