Where was Moses?

In Numbers 13, the spies went into and then returned from the Promised Land. They gave their report about the amazing fruit and how it was flowing with milk and honey. They also announced that it was full of Hittites, Amorites, Jebusites, other nasty-sounding -sites and giants.

In Numbers 14, the people are shaking and their booties. Caleb and Joshua stand up and try to convince the people not to revolt. I’m not trying to be accusatory here, but where was Moses during the uprising? Was he trying to convince the people to listen to Caleb and Joshua? Was he trying to calm everyone down himself? I don’t think he was caught up in the talk of rebellion, since they openly talked about replacing him.

Unless I’m missing something, Moses isn’t mentioned in this story until the presence of the Lord shows up in the Tabernacle, where he does a pretty good job of convincing God (yet again) that He really doesn’t want to wipe the children of Israel off the face of the earth. Had he been in the Tabernacle the entire time?

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