Another Story I Don’t Get: The Great Banquet

Huh?The story of the Great Banquet told by Jesus in Matthew 22:1-14 is another one of those parables that I just don’t understand.

King throws a party – a huge wedding reception. Invited people refuse to come. King sends servants out into the city to invite everyone to come in off the streets. They come and party. King punishes person (that he had brought in) attending for coming in the wrong clothes.


And please don’t tell me this is a proof-text for wearing suits and ties on Sunday morning. I’m sure someone uses it like that, but I sincerely doubt that’s what he’s talking about.

Help. Please.

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2 Responses to Another Story I Don’t Get: The Great Banquet

  1. Sarah says:

    We talked about this not long ago in our Sunday school class. People wiser than me said that the king would have provided the appropriate clothing. This man apparently refused what was offered him. He wanted to take part in the meal, but not really follow all of the rules. This made sense to me because everyone else seemed to be dressed ok (and where did they get THEIR clothes?). I’m not taking credit for this explaination (in case it’s wrong), but I thought I would pass it along.

    • mattdantodd says:

      Makes sense. Thanks for passing this insight along, Sarah!

      If I didn’t have all my commentaries boxed up in the garage, I’d see if any of them say something like this. Unfortunately, I don’t. And I’m not about to tackle that mountain yet. 😀

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