No More Fakery. Time to be Brutally Honest.

Moses to God: “And you haven’t done a thing to help.” (Exodus 5:23b)

This is what I love about people in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament: They’re brutally honest with God. I think there are too many times we try to hold back with God. We try to give Him an “out.” Like He’s amazingly fragile and we have to protect Him from what we really think. How are we supposed to have a close friendship with the One who loved us first if we keep thinking we have to be fake around Him?

Of course, we do have to remember that saying these honest things like “I don’t see where you’re showing up here, God, and You promised You would,” have to be said within the context of relationship. And it’s also important to remember that God’s going to be brutally honest in His answer, too. And that might not be a pleasant thing.

Well…OK…you might not feel like you have to be fake for God. But I do. More often than I’d like to admit. I’m working on taking off those masks I try to put up in front of God so He doesn’t see the real me. Not sure how I can have an authentic friendship with Him if I keep trying to be fake around Him.

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2 Responses to No More Fakery. Time to be Brutally Honest.

  1. jackwbruce says:

    Matt, It will be easier now. Trust me on this one. Now you have the freedome to “think” on your own without worrying about upsetting the status quo of those who provide your paycheck or help your career along. Enjoy the new freedom. God likes honesty and we grow best in our faith when we are being real with ourselves, God and others. Your family will benefit too. -Jack

    • mattdantodd says:

      Thanks, Jack!

      I might shoot you an email in the near future – just to pick your brain a bit. I still owe you an update as to how things happened the way they did, too.

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