Missed Opportunities

Last week, I received an email that made my inner five-year old dance a little jig. I didn’t believe it at first, but after further investigation, all evidence pointed to it being legitimate.

I was invited to be one of 50 people hosted by NASA to witness the final landing of the space shuttle live and in person.

I decided not to go, even though many encouraged me to do so. After all, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

As I continued to wrestle with the decision and convince myself that missing the historic landing of space shuttle Atlantis wasn’t really that big of a deal, I came to a realization and it totally changed my outlook on things:

Every moment we’ve been given is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Never again will I have the opportunities that were presented to me today. Never again will the people who cross my path tomorrow do so under the same circumstances. God has placed me in this position at this moment in history for such a time as this.

In reality, every moment of every day is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us. These moments and opportunities will never be repeated. What am I doing to make the most of every opportunity?

Tomorrow is a new day. Let’s seize it and take advantage of the divine appointments that God has planned for us to do for His glory as His workmanship!

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2 Responses to Missed Opportunities

  1. Jenny says:

    That was the general theme of our sermon last Sunday. Every moment is an important moment.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that if I would have seen it in person, I would have wept. I want to see a shuttle in person someday.

    • mattdantodd says:

      I’m thinking I hear a sermon in this story somewhere, too. ūüôā

      I would’ve totally bawled like a baby if I had been there. Probably another example of why it’s good that I didn’t go…

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