Haiti Relief

Nonprofits like the Red Cross and IDES have been asking for monetary donations to support their relief efforts. I’ve gotten a sense from several in our area that they feel like this isn’t enough. They want to do more to help with the devastation in Haiti.

We are now an official drop-off site for Safe Water Nexus, and their upcoming trips to Haiti over the next few weeks!  If you’d like to donate supplies to the relief effort, please go here for a list of supplies of which they are in need. We will either get the supplies to the to the ministry.

If you want more information about this ministry, check out what Dave Ramsey (yes, that Dave Ramsey) has to say about it.

Please share this with your friends! Do you know someone with access to a crazy amount of medical supplies, clean water tablets, batteries, food staples, etc.? We’ll take them!

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