A Little Perspective

I’ve been following the experiences of four bloggers as they witness first-hand the ministry efforts of Compassion International in East India.

It has been eye-opening.

One thought from Pete Wilson has stuck with me since I read it.

No, it has haunted me.

Today more than 26,500 children will die of preventable causes related to their poverty.”

We have made a big deal about the swine flu. And it could be a big deal. Right now, the official amount of people who have been infected is 257 worldwide. It’s sure to spread. And the world is committed to stoping the spread of this disease.

And today, the amount of children who will die from preventable, poverty-related causes is more than a hundred times the amount of people infected with the H1N1 virus.

And we hardly hear anything about it.

Yes. This haunts me.

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