Time to Pray

During the election season, we discussed our responsibility as followers of Christ to pray for our government’s leaders. Regardless of your political persuasion, we are still called to pray for our leaders. Let’s join Christians from around the nation (and around the world) in praying for our leaders. You commit to praying with them by going to this site and registering. There’s also a Prayer Guide available on that site.

“It’s time to pray.

It’s time to pray for the leaders of our nation.

They need our prayers. The times are turbulent: economy in jeopardy, nations in conflict. How can leaders lead during a day of bail-outs and bombings? Only with God’s help.

So let’s request it. On January 20, 2009–inauguration day–set aside some minutes to pray for our incoming President. Ask God to inspire, direct and protect him. Pray for his wife and daughters. Use your worship time, family time and private time to ask God’s blessings on Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and all the men and women who serve and lead our country. It’s time to pray.

Let’s do just that.”
Max Lucado

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