Road conditions

I really don’t like nights like tonight. We have ice on top of snow on top of ice. How will this impact us Sunday morning? Will the roads be clear enough? Should we just go ahead and cancel services tomorrow so people won’t try to go out in potentially dangerous conditions?

If the roads were already super-clear here in Cowan, that would be one thing. But I drove around a few hours ago and things weren’t good. They weren’t bad. But they definitely weren’t good.

Of course, if it were still snowing right now, I think we’d also have a better idea about the prospects of gathering for worship in the morning. But it’s not.

I know of at least one area church that has already canceled services tomorrow. Knowing that we’re really not supposed to get more precipitation tonight leads me to assume that we will, in fact, continue with services as planned.

And then I go and read an article like this.

That’s not very comforting.

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