UPDATE; North Burma Christian Mission

I received an email from Ron Morse a few days ago regarding their status in the region. If you’d like to read the entire message, feel free to shoot me an email (or post a comment here) and I’ll get it to you. It’s definitely eye-opening!

The Morse family and everyone else associated with the Mission are fine. Since their operation is actually based outside of Burma, they were not directly hit by the cyclone. They did, however have some unseasonably hard rains and winds. There was some damage to some of their buildings, but it was minimal…especially in when you put it in the perspective of the massive destruction elsewhere in the region.

They are currently in the process of assessing the needs of the area. With so much death and destruction, I’m sure it’s hard to know where to even begin. Some experts are predicting nearly one million deaths as a result of this storm and its aftermath. Numbers like that are beyond my comprehension. Watching these reports on the news makes you wonder what we can possibly do to help. So – what can we do?

We can pray for the people who have been impacted by this disaster. We also need to pray for people ‘on the ground’ in the area and their efforts to somehow bring relief. And pray for all the believers and the nation as they come to grips with the loss of life, property and will now need to face an even more uncertain future.

Want to do more? You can donate to the efforts of North Burma Christian Mission. Whatever efforts they participate in are going to require massive amounts of resources. If you want contact information for the Mission, please contact me and I’ll share that with you.

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