Don’t Forget

If you’re like me, this year’s Super Bowl doesn’t really sound all that exciting. Whether you’re planning a huge party with nachos, Buffalo wings, pizza, and other party foods (I’d gladly consider any invitations that are sent my way…wink, wink), or you’re like me and really can’t get that excited about this year’s game, there’s a way all of us can make this Sunday very special.

The Souper Bowl of Caring is a nation-wide effort to reach out to the hungry in our own communities. This Sunday, you’re invited to bring canned goods – soup, corn, Spam, whatever you want – and we’ll donate them to the local community pantry. If bringing cans is something you won’t be able to do, we’ll gladly accept checks or cash that will go towards purchasing canned goods for the cause. As we enjoy the Super Bowl (or just the commercials) this year, let’s also be mindful of those who do not have a bowl of soup to eat!

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