The Big Picture: “Where Are You, God?”

As we dedicate our lives to following Christ and being salt – slowing down the decay of the world around us – we need to continue to pursue God and His will. We need to remember that God is looking at the big picture – a picture that is outside of our limited circumstances and our myopic perspective. Being salt means pursuing God’s big picture. We need to seek to find God at work in every situation – both the good & the bad, the chaotic & the peaceful. At times it can feel like God is silent and extremely far away. The amazing thing is that God is usually pretty close to you at that very moment. Sometimes we just need to listen. That’s what this week’s sermon was all about (click here to listen).

Elijah is my favorite character from the Old Testament. He’s just so real. While I can’t say that I’ve called down fire from heaven, been fed by birds, or outrun a chariot, I can say that I have seen God work in remarkable ways in peoples’ lives. I’ve experienced unspeakable joy as I’ve watched God change lives. And just like Elijah, I’ve had the temptation to just run away and hide when the tiniest thing goes wrong. I’m no Elijah, but I can definitely relate to him and his experience.

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