The weather people tell us that there’s a big snow storm heading our way and it won’t stop until Sunday afternoon. Of course, you already know that – unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few days. Actually, you probably wouldn’t have been under a rock, because you would have seen the snow today. Maybe you’ve been asleep for a few days…

Anyway, we’re keeping an eye on the weather and how things are developing. I’ll be in touch with the Elders Sunday morning and a decision will be reached about whether we’re going to meet together in worship tomorrow morning. Of course, the way the weather people talk tonight, it doesn’t sound too promising.

If services are canceled tomorrow, I’ll post it here. If I have your email address, I’ll probably shoot you an email. We’ll also change the answering machine recording in the church office (765-288-2276). We’ll also try to get the cancellation announced on 104.1 WLBC, 98.7 WQME, and the Star Press. I’ll do my best to keep everyone informed!!

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