<b>Looking Back to Move Forward</b>

Sorry it has taken so long to post the audio from last week’s sermon. When I came home, I misplaced the tape and only found it this morning! If you’re interested in reading the text from my manuscript, you’ll have to check back later (maybe Sunday). For the time-being, you’ll just have to listen to me preach.

I’m indebted to Warren Wiersbe’s insights from these chapters. His commentary really helped shape this sermon.

One thing I want to clarify about the sermon is that I don’t think the NIV is necessarily the best translation. There are some places where the translators do more interpretation than literal translation (i.e. translating ‘flesh’ as ‘sinful nature’), but it’s one of the more readily available translations that is pretty easy to understand. I generally use the NRSV for my study and then go over to the NIV for the sermons. I have nothing against the King James Version. In fact, most of the Scripture I remember is the King James Version because that’s what I was taught growing up. There aren’t very many people who speak in ‘thees’ and ‘thous’ any more, though. I figured I should clarify that a bit more since there was some discussion about it after the service.

It’s been a busy week and tomorrow’s going to be just as busy! I’m excited for tomorrow’s Homecoming service and dinner. I don’t think you’re gonna want to miss this one!

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