Colleges and high schools celebrate homecoming every year during the fall. Unless you’re a school like my alma mater – who has been undefeated in football since the 1950s…OK, OK…they’ve been winless since the 1950s too, since they haven’t had a football team since then – Homecoming usually includes a big football game to attract the alumni. And the week leading up to the Homecoming game is full of events designed to show school ‘spirit.’

Well, we don’t have a football team (although the Colts are playing the Patriots later that afternoon), but we are having a Homecoming Service at Cowan Christian Church on Sunday, November 4. Although we didn’t really plan it this way, it has turned out like we’re going to have our own version of a Homecoming Week this week. Saturday is a bonfire. Although we won’t be burning any effigies of opposing coaches, it should still be a fun experience.

Wednesday is Trunk or Treat. Since it will involve cars (maybe even some decorated trunks) and a parade of costumed characters, you could almost get away with calling it our Homecoming Parade! OK, that might be a bit of a stretch, but the idea is worth sharing.

Then, of course, there’s a dinner following the Homecoming Service on Sunday.

We have many opportunities to make connections with new families as well as longtime friends over ‘Homecoming Week.’ I hope we take advantage of the opportunities we have to do that!

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